• Stolichyana


    Proudly kicking of our range with Stoli... our great entry level vodka. It is completely reliable and the pouring vodka for most decent bars. There are 3 key elements that separate Stoli from its immitators... First, Stoli is distilled from winter wheat, which is the best tasting wheat, not from corn or other grains. Secondly, virtually all domestic vodka producers use processed water to reduce the product to its proper proof, whilst Stoli uses the purest, softest glacial waters to ensure purity and finesse. Last, Stoli is carefully filtered through both quartz and activated charcoal, then through quartz again.
  • crystal2

    Crystal Skull

    Here we go, Crystal Skull Vodka... boom. It's Dan Aykroyd's vodka, is one of the best in the world and is created in Canada’s Newfoundland. Who you gonna call? This unique vodka takes its name and bottle design from a controversial archaeological mystery, involving thirteen 5,000 to 35,000 year old crystal heads which have been found in regions around the world (remember Indiana Jones?). Definitely the coolest bottle on the market. Also available in 150cl (Magnum) and 300cl (Jeroboam) - email us for details. Oh and check out the matching shot glasses in the glassware section. Rude not to.
  • mamont


    Mamont Vodka expresses the wild spirit of Siberia through its purity and wild nature. This authentic and crafted vodka is produced out of locally grown white winter wheat in the Oldest distillery in Russia. Uniquely shaped, Mamont Vodka gives homage to the famous Siberian Mammoth. Discover your adventurous spirit by exploring the Spirit of Siberia. • Inspired by the Yukagir Mammoth • Unique tusk shaped bottles • White winter wheat • Altai Mountain spring water • Silver Birch charcoal filtered • 6 times distilled for a smooth flavour • A hint of sweetness with a dry finish • One of the finest Siberian Vodkas
  • chase

    Chase Potato Vodka

    This is an outstanding British vodka! It was originally made from the same potatoes which went in to Tyrells crisps. The quality of vodka is often related to the height of the distillation column, the column at Chase is so tall they had to cut a hole in the roof! It was named 'Best Vodka in the World' at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition recently. Not bad for some farmers from Hereford.


  • doorlys2

    Doorly’s Gold 5 yo

    Rum has been produced on the island of Barbados for more than 300 years, but it was not until the 1906 Rum Duty Act was passed that the industry began to develop as we know it today. Prior to this, distillation took place on many of the plantations, but the new law meant the distilleries had to obtain a licence and could sell only in bulk. Hence many of the Bridgetown trading companies became bottlers, including Martin Doorly & Co, and the growth of branded names began. Martin Doorly evolved into Doorly’s Macaw Rum, and became the first bottled rum exported from the island. Doorly’s rums are still famous throughout the world. This 5 year old golden rum is an absolute cracker. A very tasty Bajan rum is typical of the region and offers plenty of tropical fruit - great in cocktails or for sipping on its own over ice. Tasting Notes... •Amber, with a complex, dried tropical fruit nose. •A vibrant entry leads to an evolving palate of fruit, toasted coconut and oak notes. •Finishes with a fruity sweetness and warmth, but has a balanced lingering taste with a butternut vanilla aftertaste.
  • deadhead

    Dead Head 6 YO

    Here we go - introducing Dead Head rum... A glorious cane spirit outfitted with likely the most striking bottle since the invention of packaging with its standout artist rendered shrunken head bottle, strong message about authenticity and attention to craftsmanship in distilling that takes the experience beyond the bottle to the glass. In contrast to its rather macabre bottle, the rum is a genuine thing of beauty. Dead Head rum is ideal for sipping after dinner, it's assertive aromatics and brilliant flavours make it a great choice for use in classic tall drinks. It has a rich amber hue, impossibly light body and a bouquet saturated with the aromas of coffee, chocolate, allspice, cinnamon and nutmeg, all of which carry through to the palate along with the added flavours of cloves, anise and caramel. The long, spicy finish seals the deal. This rum is skilfully balanced between dry and semisweet making it a major player behind the bar, at any party, in fact anywhere you are lucky enough to be drinking it.
  • havana

    Havana Club 7 yo

    Anejo 7 years is the oldest product in the Havana Club range. Its unparalleled and acclaimed quality is the fruit of the traditional process by which Havana Club Cuban rum is made. The necessary patience for the ageing of this rum = 7 years in white oak barrels in the age old cellars - instils in the drink that powerful and complex aroma: its distinguishing feature. Havana Club 7 years has a lovely, dazzling transparent amber colour. Gives off an outstanding bouquet. Round to the nose, it reveals rising woody and vanilla-smelling notes. Appreciated as a liqueur by experienced rum-lovers, Havana Club 7 years naturally has its place among the very best spirits like Anejo Reserva and is an excellent end to a good meal combining wonderfully with its Cuban brother, the Havana cigar. Competing in 1997 and 1995 against the top 40 rums in the world at the prestigious Chicago World Spirits Championship, Havana Club 7 years was awarded a gold medal both times.
  • brugal


    Brugal extra dry is crafted from rums aged for two to five years in ex-bourbon American oak casks. Triple filtration enhances smoothness and removes the colour. The result is as dry and smooth as a super-premium vodka, gin or tequila yet with all the character of a premium rum. Especial extra dry is for grown-ups with a more mature taste. So it's perfect on the rocks or served simply with tonic water and lime. If you want to try a classic rum cocktail, it makes a super-smooth daiquri or a refreshing mojito too. Brugal has received numerous accolades from The Wine Enthusiast and the Spirit Journal as well as multiple gold medals at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. • Distilled from fermented molasses • Cask-aged super premium white rum with a dry house style • Clear, clean and totally transparent colour due to triple filtration • This rum smells of toasted marshmallows with a touch of fresh coconut • Delicate, smooth, clean and refined flavour
  • dalmore

    Dalmore 12 yr

    12 year old Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Matured for 9 years in Bourbon casks, one half is then transferred in to 30 year old Matusalem oloroso sherry butts. The liquid is then married for a final 6 months in an upstanding sherry butt to marry. • On the nose, citrus fruits, chocolate and aromatic spices • On the palate, flavours of concentrated citrus, oloroso sherry and hints of vanilla. To finish, roasted coffee and chocolate. • Best served with wensleydale cheese, Lindt orange intense chocolate and Davidoff Special 'T' RG52 cigar!
  • macallan

    Macallan Rare Cask

    Crafted to showcase complexity and depth, Rare Cask is drawn from the broadest spectrum of casks, 16 different types, ever identified by the Master Whisky Maker. Far less than 1 percent of those casks maturing at the distillery have been identified as fitting to bestow the Rare Cask name. With rarity at its core, this is a whisky crafted from casks so rare they will never again be used in any Macallan whisky. Combining Spanish and American sherry seasoned oak casks, a high proportion of them first fill, gives rise to an exquisite whisky with a splendidly rich hue and an unmistakably woody whisky. Soft notes of opulent vanilla and raisin on the nose, give way to apple, lemon and orange. Balanced by a spicy quartet of root ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove. Oak resonates, timeless, polished and rich. Vanilla and chocolate lead the finale along with a light citrus zest. The finish is full, warming and woody. Nose: opulent, yet soft and slightly meandering, picture an orchestra setting up: quiet vanilla with deep notes, already in tune; raisin bold and booming, though only in spells; chocolate a star performer but not a standout; a sweet ensemble of apple, lemon and orange, beautifully balanced with a spicy quartet of root ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove. Then oak conducts, mature and elegant with patience only time delivers. Palate: the spicy quartet leads, loud and full, unwavering in their performance. Raisin dares to temper and succeeds but oak takes control; timeless, polished, rich and resonating. Vanilla and chocolate compliment each other in the background. Finish: light citrus zest, yet full and warming.
  • hibiki

    Hibiki Harmony

    Luminous, delicate and amber colored whisky. A transparency that unveils complexity. The whisky features rose, lychee, hint of rosemary, mature woodiness, sandalwood on the nose. The palate is honeylike sweetness, candied orange peel, white chocolate with subtle, tender long finish with hint of Mizunara (Japanese oak) finish. Embodying the soul of Japanese craftsmanship, this harmonious blend resounds with calm complexity and "Wa", oneness. "Kanzen" or complete, Hibiki is a harmonious blend of innumerous malt and grain whiskies which are meticulosly blended to create a full orchestra of flavors and aromas. Seductive, blossoming and enigmatic, Hibiki celebrates an unrivaled art of blending, fine craftsmanship and a sense of luxury from the House of Suntory. Hibiki is not only Japan's most highly awarded blended whisky, but among the most prestigious and honoured whiskies in the world. In a class of it's own this one.
  • monkey2

    Monkey Shoulder

    Monkey Shoulder uses only malt Scotch whisky from three of Speyside's finest distilleries. This triple malt is catching the attention of the country's leading bartenders for its smooth and rich qualities, making it ideal for mixing as well as drinking in the more traditional way. As Charlotte Voisey, of London's Apartment 195 explains, 'the attractive name and bottle spark curiosity and once explained, brings a smile to your face.' Rooted in malt whisky lore, Monkey Shoulder is inspired by and named in honour of the malt men at William Grant, who are among the few still to turn the malting barley by hand using a sheil (wooden shovel). Monkey Shoulder was a nickname given to a temporary injury some malt men occasionaly suffered many years ago as a result of repeatedly bending over whilst turning the malt. Thankfully, working practices have now changed and the condition no longer exists (phew). Crafted in small batches of just 27 casks, Monkey Shoulder's smooth and rounded taste has accents of malty sweetness, vanilla, marmalade and barley sugar. The iconic bottle design complete with three brass monkeys - each representing one of the constituent single malts - on the bottle's shoulder, is for those with discerning taste and ensures it's not one to hide away in the old drinks cabinet!
  • whistlepig

    Whistlepig 10 YO Rye Whiskey

    Whistlepig produces a 100-proof, straight rye whiskey, aged for at least ten years through a unique double-barrel process. Whistlepig was released in the summer of 2010 to great critical acclaim, earning 96 points from wine enthusiast, their highest rating ever for a rye whiskey, a "highest recommendation" from spirits journal, as well as accolades from the wall street journal, GQ, forbes, maxim, imbibe magazine and many others. As master distiller Dave Pickerel notes, these extraordinary honours both "humble and set a high bar" for the company. Whistlepig embodies the perfect combination of proof, purity and age hitting "the sweet spot" in all three categories. In short: more rye, all the proof and the perfect age. Bit of history on Rye Whiskey anyone? Before the American Revolution, most Americans ate rye bread and drank Caribbean rum. Dutch settlers pushing up the Hudson brought the rye grain with them from the Low Countries, and introduced it to their Yankee neighbours, who needed a crop that could survive a winter far harsher than what they had left behind in England. Meanwhile, British ships regularly offloaded large volumes of rum shuttled from their West Indian colonies to their great colonial ports of Boston and New York. If Americans drank whiskey at all, it was because they were backwoodsmen too far from these ports to access this rum. These pioneer farmers turned to building their own stills, and distilling whatever might be left over from their harvests, as a way to keep the chill off in the cold northern winter. Things changed in the cities, though, after the colonists entered open rebellion. The Crown responded by hitting Americans where it really hurt: by placing an embargo on rum imports. Thirsty and resourceful, the young republic turned to something it could produce independently... rye whiskey. If the American Revolution had an “Official Beverage”, it would’ve been rye. All the classic American whiskey drinks, like the Old Fashioned and the Manhattan, called for rye. The hearty grain was right at home in northeast American soil, toughing out the long winters and persevering throughout the seasons. George Washington himself became the largest producer and distributor of rye in the United States.
  • jackdanielssilverselect

    Jack Daniels Silver Select

    Jack Daniel's is a brand of Tennessee whiskey and the highest selling American whiskey in the world. It is produced in Lynchburg, Tennessee, by the Jack Daniel Distillery, which has been owned by the Brown-Forman Corporation since 1956. They have the highest standards when crafting and selecting Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel. In fact, just one out of every 100 barrels is set aside to mature in the highest reaches of our barrelhouses, where dramatic temperature changes cause the colour and taste to deepen further. Each barrel is hand-selected for its one-of-a-kind flavour, robust taste, and notes of toasted oak, vanilla, and caramel. It's not easy making a whiskey like Single Barrel! • Whiskey with unique taste and smooth, aromatic character • Each barrel of Silver Select is never blended • Bottled at a significantly higher strength, resulting in a greater intensity of flavour
  • woodford

    Woodford Reserve Double Oaked

    An innovative approach to twice-barrelled bourbon creates the rich and colourful flavour of Woodford Reserve Double Oaked. Uniquely matured in separate, charred oak barrels – the second barrel deeply toasted before a light charring – extracts additional amounts of soft, sweet oak character. This comes with a gift box shaped like a book. COLOUR: Deep Amber AROMA: Rich notes of dark fruit, caramel, sharp honey, chocolate, marzipan and toasted oak TASTE: A full-bodied mix of vanilla, dark caramel, hazelnut, apple, fruit and spices FINISH: Long and creamy with lingering hints of honeyed apple Nestled amid the rolling hills of bluegrass and thoroughbred farms sits the historic Woodford Reserve Distillery. One of Kentucky’s oldest and smallest distilleries, the present day Woodford Reserve Distillery is built on history, sitting on Kentucky’s oldest distilling site where Elijah Pepper began crafting whiskey in 1812. It was on these same hallowed grounds that years later Master Distiller James Christopher Crow perfected his whiskey-making methods, which today have become common practice, including the implementation of sour mash into fermentation. The Distillery is home to a 500-foot-long gravity-fed barrel run, iconic copper pot stills and 100-year-old cypress wood fermenters. They also boast one of the only heat cycled barrelhouses in the world, ensuring every drop seeps into the charred and toasted white oak, giving Woodford Reserve its colour and signature flavour. Very cool.
  • blantons

    Blanton’s Special Reserve Single Barrel

    Blanton’s Special Reserve Single Barrel... A sweet taste profile with a floral nose and light undertones of vanilla and citrus make it perfect for a premium cocktail or served on the rocks. Blanton's whisky is a hand-bottled, single barrel Bourbon, having a caramel colour and rich, sweet perfumed aromas and flavours of raisin, vanilla, honey and spices. NOSE: Dry Citrus, Raisin, Light Vanilla, Spice. PALATE: Sweet with Citrus, marked by a Light Vanilla and Honey. FINISH: Crisp with notes of Spice and a hint of Cinnamon Apple. BEST SERVED: On ice, or used in a premium cocktail. Don't just take our word for it... 2015 Gold Outstanding Bourbon Trophy (Gold) IWSC 2015 Gold Outstanding IWSC 2014 Double Gold (SFB) San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2014 Gold Outstanding Bourbon Trophy (Gold) IWSC 2013 Double Gold Medal San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2013 Chairman's Trophy, Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2013 Best Single Barrel Bourbon San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2013 Gold Medal IWSC 2012 Double Gold Medal San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2012 Chairman's Trophy, Ultimate Spirits Challenge
  • azul

    Clase Azul Plata

    This tequila is in a class of it's own. Organic agaves that have matured for at least nine years, slow cooking of the agave hearts in traditional ovens, fermentation using the company's secret combination of yeasts, careful distillation to ensure the highest quality possible, water refined in a five steps process and triple tequila filtration to ensure superior quality. Clase Azul is bottled in unique decanters that are hand-made by artisians in local communities. Its exceptional smoothness makes it ideal for sipping and creates a sublime sensory experience rivaling the finest tequilas ever produced. The process... • AGAVE: Hand-selected, organic Weber Blue Agaves that have matured for nine years. • COOKING: Slow cooking of the agave piñas for 72 hours in traditional stone ovens. • FERMENTATION: Using Clase Azul's proprietary strain of yeast. •Distillation: Careful attention to pot still distillation ensures the highest quality spirit. • WATER: Naturally filtered water refined in a special five step process. • FILTRATION: Triple micrón- filtration ensures the highest quality spirit without compromising its integrity.
  • casa

    Casa Noble Reposado

    Triple Distilled Certified Organic Small batch Most tequila is distilled twice. But craving a higher-quality, superior tequila, these guys became one of the first to distill tequila three times. Achieving the purest tequila we ever tasted, plus the characteristics and aromatic essence that are uniquely Casa Noble. Ok time to show off... > San Francisco World Spirits Competition Gold Medal 2011 > The New York Times Best Value for Taste in Blanco Tequilas 2013 > Academia Mexicana Del Tequila 2nd Place 2003-2004 > Wine Enthusiast 94 Points, May 2015 > Beverage Testing Institute Gold Medal 2007 > China Wine & Spirits Award Great Gold Medal 2005 ... this is probably the best tequila you'll ever taste.
  • kahskull1

    Kah Skull Reposado

    Moving on to the heavy hitter... 110-proof (!) reposado, which is aged 10 months in French oak. Now the nose on this one is predictably strong nice butter, vanilla, cinnamon aromas and the herbal elements but it is just as balanced as the blanco and has good flavour - unlike many other high-proof tequilas. And the burn? Surprisingly there is very little, it spikes and then fades rather quickly. This is a high-proof tequila that you could actually sip for a while, and enjoy. With or without the Mariachi. It is made at the Fabrica de Tequilas Finos distillery, in Tequila, where they also make El Diamante de Cielo, Agave 99, and Costco’s Kirkland brand tequila, among others. This ultra smooth, and ultra high-proof tequila (the highest proof tequila available) slips slowly down the walls of the glass demonstrating its powerful personality. Full body, intense full agave flavour. 2010 Spirits of Mexico Tasting Competition medal winner. The bottom line is that you may be attracted by the pretty bottles, but there is also a reason to crack those skulls open and give this tequila a try.
  • kahskull2

    Kah Skull Blanco

    Day of the Dead tequila... This sort of product gets us excited about what we do! KAH® was designed to pay reverence and honour to Mexico and its people. Its bottle and spirit are reflective of Day of the Dead, the 3,000 year-old Meso-American ritual honouring deceased loved ones. KAH’s unique packaging, in turn, is inspired by traditional Calaveras used in Dia de los Muertos rituals to symbolize death and rebirth. The word KAH translates to “life” in the ancient Mayan language. Every bottle is an individual, hand-crafted work of art, no two bottles are the same. While the bottle captures that enduring spirit, so does the tequila inside, as KAH’s distillers transform hand-selected 100% Blue agave into lively Blanco, Reposado, Añejo and Extra Añejo varieties that are both certified Organic and Kosher. Blanco tequila taste... intense sweet notes of the cooked agave, followed by a spicy white peppery punch. Silky and delicate, leaving on the palate a sachet of spices. 2010 Spirits of Mexico Tasting Competition gold medal. This is something every person should own!