SANGIOVESE SHIRAZ – Some Young Punks The Squids Fist
  • SANGIOVESE SHIRAZ “Some Young Punks The Squids Fist”

SANGIOVESE SHIRAZ – Some Young Punks The Squids Fist


Australia, Clare Valley 2016

Battle in the deep, 2 grapes colliding, inky + punchy = squidtastic. Sangiovese is the grape of Chianti with the power of a traditional Aussie Shiraz.. wow.

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With their punk attitude to winemaking, Colin McBryde, Jen Gardner and Nic Bourke make wines with charisma and attitude. “Each time we make a wine”, they say, “it may be the last wine we make – and if it isn’t worthy of being the last then it will never wear the Some Young Punks name.” Their contemporary approach means minimal use of oak and short ferments to retain maximum punchy vibrancy. Famous for their striking pop art labels, the punks were on the front of the packaging revolution in Australia and always thought differently about how to package their wines. The trio believe it’s okay to judge these books by their covers, which are as bright and bold as the wines they clothe.

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Clare Valley


Sangiovese Shiraz