Welcome back to Sixways Wine Bar!

Welcome back to Sixways Wine Bar!
April 12, 2021 Phil Penwarden

We’re excited to see more of you over the next few weeks but before we get carried away with the fun of it all, we need to remember some rules…

NHS COVID-19 Track & Trace – have you got the app? We’ll be asking you to scan in on arrival and we need to see your phone screen to make sure it worked!

If you don’t have/want it – we have little forms for you to fill out with your contact details. We’ll keep these on file for 21 days.. if you don’t want to do either of those things I’m afraid we can’t serve you.

If you come in to the bar to use the loo, you’ll need to wear your face mask otherwise you can’t come in

Bookings – the Rule of Six applies. Only one table per booking. So if there are 7, 8 or more of you in your group of mates you’ll have to do Rock Paper Scissors or something to see who gets to join you.

Social Distancing – I know it’s hard and we’re all so pleased to be reunited and could do with a hug but we need to keep to the 2 meter rule for now.

It’s table service only so even if you see your long lost drinking buddy from across the room (garden) you need to stay seated. A distant wave and blowing kisses is ok (is it? Probably not)

That’s it I think!!